About the AnCom

An AnCom or Annual Communication is a yearly gathering of Freemasons within a particular jurisdiction.  It is during this occassion that a Grand Lodge of Freemasons holds session and its members would elect the officers of the Grand Lodge, specifically its Grand Master and other elective leaders.  Furthermore, it is also during this event that the current and past Grand Line and subordinate lodge officers attend and parade in full Masonic regalia and convene to discuss the various issues and matters that affect this Ancient Craft.

In the Philippines, the AnCom is held in various parts of the archipelago which is not only a a formal gathering of Masons but also a grand fellowship of brethren who gather in camaraderie and merriment to celebrate centuries of enduring fraternal ties.

This year, the Grand Lodge of the Philippines will be celebrating the 100th edition of the AnCom where it will be held at the scenic mountain city of Tagaytay in the historic province of Cavite.  As such, thousands of Masons from various parts of the Philippines as well as foreign Masonic dignitaries hailing from various parts of the world and belonging to various Grand Lodges of different jurisdiction are expected to attend this auspicious event.